Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Claims UK: helping hand in distress!

So in case you have an accident, and it's not your mistake, you can rightfully seek compensation. In case you are injured or your car is badly damaged, you need to follow these minimal steps immediately after the accident. If you have a fellow passenger, ask him/her to take close up pictures of the accident site, vehicles involved and the injured or if you are okay, you take them. This will help your car accident compensation with your insurance company as a document for damages. It also protects you from 'at fault' party claims.

Without going to insurance companies immediately to assess the damage, select a repair shop where you are satisfied with the services. Maximum compensation can be claimed if your damaged vehicle is repaired by an authentic shop. Always get help from honest people in such cases.

Claim UK, based in London, has been lending a helping hand in many such cases of car accident claims. Their service is fully free from the time you make a call to them till your settlement is reached. There are no hidden or after settlement charges from them to you.

Their solicitors are genuine, recognised by Solicitors Regulation Authority. So you need not worry about anything. Even if you have a particular insurance and your claim is more than the premium, you need not worry. If you have a general all inclusive policy or third party you can claim for compensation. If you are not at fault for the accident, then all costs are recovered from the 'at faulty' party insurer.

If your vehicle is damaged, then they will immediately replace it with a similar vehicle to avoid any inconvenience to you. They will place your damaged vehicle in their garage, organise an engineer to inspect and estimate the damage.

You can use their replacement credit hire vehicle till your vehicle is ready or you have received the compensation claimed. Claims UK engineers will guarantee you that you have been given a fair evaluation.

Apart from this, they will also help you claim for special damages and uninsured losses, like damage to cell, baby seat or to your person, wherein you are unable to do your work. You will have to make the car accident compensation claim within three years of the said accident. They do have a customised package for professional drivers who are always under constant threat of accident related litigations.
by Howard Kavin